How to Refresh Your Press Release Distribution Strategies & Improve Your PR

A press release is no longer just used to spread the news about your brand’s new offering or new stories. Now, it’s not only found in the email inbox.

Press releases now reach the influencers, social media users and audiences. In this digital era, it’s important to consider press release distribution strategies in order to easily achieve your PR goals.

newswire press release distribution

  • Include multimedia.

These days, it’s important for releases to have multimedia, such as images, video or infographics. Content with multimedia have more tendencies to be read and shared.

It appeals to the readers that improves the chance that they will engage with your brand. It promotes conversation and even your sales potential.

When you write a release, ensure that you include the right multimedia. When your content is syndicated in different social media channels, it creates more traction with the audience. Visuals should be simple, eye-catching and conveys a strong message about your brand.

It should make your story clearer as it validates your story. Optimize the image or video you’re using in your release so that it can be found on Google searches.

  • Make sure that your release an extension of your website.

Your website is your own space where all your brand assets should be found. It contains important information about your brand and your products. Your previous media coverage, product descriptions, blog posts, white papers and other articles can be found there.

How will you make sure that your brand information reaches your audience? It becomes useless if your audience will not find where to get information about your brand.

Distributing your releases to different channels ensure that you reach new audiences. When writing a release, include a call-to-action (CTA) and one to three links that will drive the audience to your website, blog and other landing pages.

  • Showcase your thought leadership.

Customers and investors aren’t just going to put their money into a brand without knowing their capabilities. Press releases are content that you can use to build your credibility as a brand.

Write about your stance on a debatable topic that affects your brand, write a case study and report your findings, or do a research and write a release about the results. These are methods that can show your expertise in your industry.

When you offer solutions to a long-time problem or you educate people, it fosters your leadership. It gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Tease the audience.

A release should be written not more than 500 words. It should contain important facts that are important in your story.

It should not be longer that readers don’t have any interest to visit your site or make a purchase. An effective release should tease the readers more.

Make sure that you write a clear and effective CTA that will make them want to do the action. Create an impact by including an interesting CTA to make your audience want to know it more.

  • Leverage on collaboration.

Partnering and collaborating with other brands, personalities and ventures are ways to use your combined resources to attain both your goals. Announce whom you are collaborating or partnering.

Connecting your brand with other public figures and brands helps to expand your reach and audience. Writing relevant content that resonates improve your chance to attract more potential customers.

It’s important that you adjust your press release writing and distribution to come up with effective content. Releases are not only for the media, they are now read by a lot of audiences, investors and even your competitors.

Always improve your strategies, especially writing and distributing releases. This ensures that it will reach audiences to reach your goals.